(Cumberland County, New Jersey) – Over the last several weeks, certain individuals have launched a series of self-interested and baseless attacks against the Cumberland County Democratic Committee and its leadership. In response, the Committee finds it necessary to address recent allegations and to affirm its ongoing commitment to fairness, transparency, and the democratic principles we uphold.

In response to the unfounded claims that the Committee has acted unfairly or undemocratically, we emphasize that all Committee actions are taken in accordance with our well-established Bylaws, which have been in effect since 2015.

Next, the allegations that the Chairman and Vice-Chairwoman “stacked the deck” when selecting the Steering Committee are entirely baseless. Selection is pursuant to the Bylaws, and members of the Steering Committee was chosen through a democratic process involving elected representatives from the Municipality, the State Committee, and the Executive Committee.

Moreover, the recent changes to our convention rules were made following a thorough review process including, but not limited to, receiving valuable feedback from Committee members. These amendments were duly adopted and communicated to all concerned parties prior to the convention.

Motivated by their personal agendas, it is regrettable that certain individuals have chosen to obstruct the democratic process and to sow discord within the Committee and the County Democratic Party. Their unlawful attempts to manipulate established procedures undermine the values we stand for.

The Cumberland County Democratic Committee remains committed to upholding fairness, transparency, and democratic principles in all our activities. We urge all members to focus on advancing our shared goals and serving the interests of our community rather than pursuing divisive agendas.

For further inquiries, please contact Kevin MCCann, Cumberland County Democratic Party Chairman.