Democratic Candidates having some fun, at the M-25 Sock Hop

Our Democratic candidates are taking some time to have some fun at the 2023 M-25 Sock-Hop at the “Grove at Centerton”. Pictured left to right are Damita White-Morris, Democratic candidate for Assembly in LD-1, County Commissioner Carol Musso, the senior sitting Cumberland County Commissioner representing the resident’s for over 12 years. The next two in line are, Sheriff Robert Austino and Nick Acevedo, both running this year for the Cumberland County Constitutional seats of Sheriff and Surrogate respectively. Eddie Bonner, the running mate and completing the slate for the LD-1 Assembly race with Damita. The next two are La Rae Smith, Democratic Candidate for Cumberland County Commissioner and her running mate and incumbent Commissioner Johnny Capizola Jr. Completing the group are Kathleen Austino and Sandra Acevedo, both standing proud with such an esteemed group of people. All proceeds from event go to Housing First, Code Blue, Food Insecurity and other M25 initiatives. Congratulation to M-25 for a job well done.