Cumberland County Democratic Committee

Thursday June 2nd at the Terra Nonno Winery, the Cumberland County Democratic Committee, along with friends and family, honored Darlene Barber and Dr. Priscilla Ocasio-Jiménez for their leadership and candidacy for the General Election in November. The evening was hosted by fellow Commissioners, Carol Musso and Donna Pearson who praised the accomplishments of the two candidates.

Dr. Ocasio-Jiménez said, “I am ready for the challenges of the Office of County Commissioner and look forward to working with county officials and constituents.”

Director Commissioner Barber said, “We in Cumberland County enjoy a 9% ratable base for the first time, we also enjoy the presence of the Rowan College expansion and all the opportunity afforded by our CCTEC and all the High Schools and Education Professional in the county.” She added, “Not too long ago, we sought to level the competitive playing field in terms of education, job opportunity growth and regional business expansions; and now, with hard work and partnerships, Cumberland County is in the spotlight.”