Vineland, NJ – June 22, 2023 – The Cumberland County Regular County Organization held its reorganization meeting last evening in Vineland, NJ, where a new leadership team was unanimously elected. The meeting brought together party members, candidates, and municipal chairs to discuss strategies and set goals for the upcoming political cycle.

The newly elected Chairman, Kevin McCann, graciously accepted the role and expressed his commitment to removing barriers and aiding candidates and municipal chairs in fulfilling their respective roles. With a wealth of experience as a long-time resident of the Bridgeton Area and as the owner and operator of the esteemed law firm, Chance and McCann, McCann brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the local community. As a staunch Democrat, his dedication to the party’s principles makes him a natural fit for this position.

In addition to the Chairman, the Cumberland County Regular County Organization welcomed other key leaders to the team. Rick Dawson, will continue as Vice Chairman, bringing stability and experience to support the organization’s mission. Robin Wood was chosen as Secretary to ensure proper clear communications and records. Al Jones will continue his role of Treasurer, responsible for managing the organization’s funds and ensuring transparency.

The outgoing Chairwoman, Nancy Sungenis, who has dedicated over 65 years to the party, was recognized for her outstanding contributions and unwavering commitment. Dawson, in his address to the committee, acknowledged the remarkable history of Nancy Sungenis, emphasizing not only what she accomplished but the challenges of when she accomplished it.

Treasurer, Al Jones was recognized as Democrat of the year by outgoing Chairwoman Nancy Sungenis. She noted that he is a wonderful person and has always been there for her and the party.

The Cumberland County Regular County Organization is poised to continue its strong legacy of advancing democratic principles and fostering community engagement. Under the new leadership team’s guidance, the organization aims to break down barriers and create a more inclusive and accessible political environment for all members and voters.
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